Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Female Form

The intention of this is to be beautiful. To signify and embody beauty. Each word is not to be wasted but intricately used to create the vision, sense, sound, and feel of purity of the female form in its most raw literary construction. Expressed and experienced through that of the female form. I currently lay next to one of the most beautiful figures, benevolent to all five senses. The intention of this post is simple to convey that beauty in all its impossibility.

To appreciate it fully may be one of the most trying tasks of any man. A creature so complex and yet easily appreciated. One that makes decisions with her heart for logic is for philosophers and academics, while she chooses to air on the side of dreamers.

You see the heart, and decisions of the heart, are made by those who disregard risk and force bravery in the face of deceit, hate and comfort. All of which, she can make you realize are self created. The inspiration that lays beside me is a formidable force. She will strike doubt in the weak and instill might in the steadfast. She is mine and mine forever she will remain for this moment is not only for the now. It is to a previous work that I refer when I say I do not know how long this love, this lust, this infatuation may last but I cherish it while it does and still continue to do so.

I often converse with those that argue the glass is half empty, however perception as I have mentioned is deceptive, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. The gain of knowing love far outweighs the loss of it. The theory of abundance is personified through her and it exudes through her pores and is absorbed by those few lucky enough to acknowledge it.

This medium is my release. This is my valve and although words cannot do justice to the beauty I wish you to envision, I can only hope my words convey the image that we should all see when beauty in all her forms reveals herself.

Song of the Day: Any Other Name-Loneliness

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Pinch of Salt and Juice

So its quite obvious that I have been falling short of a promise that I made to myself to write frequently. I find that I choose to write when I have something relevant to say. However, it does work against me to a certain extent as its not always that I have something relevant or moving to share. Nonetheless it is more and more clear that simply sitting down and putting pen to paper, so to speak, is part of the process. Kind of like my saying distance doesn't make the heart grow fonder it makes it wander. Getting the creative juices flowing and what results may often be some of the best unintended consequences, and I believe that pretty much goes for anything. So in the mean time while the juices blend I thought why not just write.

In a state of renewed excitement, filled with vigor about the possibilities and the finality of an intention a year in the making. I am totally looking forward to Vancouver and and the universe conspires to help me as the pieces are falling into place. People are excited for me and with me. I want to involve everyone I can in the most positive way and let them contribute and lend their talents and vision to something we can create. I thought I would be leaving behind all the great people I have met here but really they are all coming with me. That is truly how I feel about the bridges I have been able to build. It seems that this whole time I have been looking for some one to work with and a partner to really champion something that will quench my entrepreneurial thirst. As it turns out its actually the opposite, people are waiting on my initiative which leads me to a point I intend to prove; that I am a leader and that I will surround myself with leaders who conspire to achieve what the picture above says.

I will close this post with a brief lesson recently learned. A couple actually. Firstly keep all your communication transparent and current. Vulnerability is a mistake in perception, for communicating in this manner simply impacts people in a way that involves them as part of the solution and develops a good energy. It simply results in positive outcomes and creates trust and clarity.

Second, is some advice recently received from a woman who is as wild as she is amazing.
Rule # 1- Always tell the truth
Rule # 2- Never hurt anyone
Rule # 3- Practice being selfish
If everyone lived half as much as they do in one day as she does we would all die from the happiest state of exhaustion.

After reflection on this post it appears that the juices definitely got going. I would say right about that second paragraph. Refill's anyone!

Song of the Day: Yves LaRock-Rise Up