Thursday, December 31, 2009

Love of Fate

This is my 37th post since I began the initiate to write more and use this as my forum to do so. At the beginning of 2009 I laid out a few intentions that laid out what i aimed to accomplish this year. In evaluating these I know that in some areas I have exceeded my own expectations and others remain a working objective I have yet to fully satisfy. With particular respect to writing I believe that I have and continue to remain diligent in my pursuit to express my thoughts, my evolving beliefs and views as well as my perspective of our world. It is without question that I would like to continue to do so. With the help of others I have submitted work and hope to be published in the new year. Irrespective of that I want to continue to improve my skills in articulating and translating emotion and feeling through words.

In looking back at what has been and incredibly eventful year I think that the next promises even more. I approach my objectives this year with a realistic optimism. I say realistic because I know understand more fully the power of my initiative and have furthered my knowledge of what passion is and how to implement that into making success. The optimism is just part of my biological make up. The only thing I have to continue to do is take deep breaths and realize frustrations are merely momentary. With this in mind I lay out 3 main objectives that embody what I want to look back on at this point next year and say I have much more to conquer but that my realistic optimism was well placed.

Firstly, I aim to become more complete as a man and person. This is a very broad concept for me. From taking care of all aspects dealing with my presentation both personally, physically, and mentally, to being more hungry to consume information and learn more at a greater pace. To know more of what I want and what I choose I do not. Again this deals with personal, material, and mental. Clearly ask of myself and receive from within with as little waste as possible. To be specific things like dressing better, getting into the best shape of my life in terms of health and more mentally stronger and complete are markers of success. Doing things in an educated manner and with class and diligence is my approach.

Secondly, is to develop and complete independence. This is less about financial and more about deciding and taking action with a ferocious determination that all else will arrange as the universe conspires to help me achieve. Independence means different things to people but to me it means being in a position to decide, create, and prosper. It means to distinguish from the rest without the obvious emphasis of non-conformity. It means my own place it means my piece of mind. This is a key aspect that I wish do achieve quickly and with style.

Thirdly and most importantly, I want to execute on my vision of DoubleSicks. I am making this dream a reality and creating converts along the way. When done correctly our niche can serve as a vehicle to tap into a creative side previously unknown that can unleash an array of options that will only be limited by my capacity to do even more. I will take this to the next level. A lifestyle brand that evolves with people and addresses the way we wish to interact with our world. A platform of expression and interaction with our world and those in it that can best be summed up with a smile and a sip.

So as I sit here and watch a southern California sunset and reminisce on the year that was I can can be grateful for the energy, faith and belief that 2009 has instilled in me and those it has brought me closer to and further from. To a full glass in the air and a tune in the background here is to the next decade.

Amor Fati -Nietzsche......may you all love your fate.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Safety In Number(s)

Things you are you take from others
Things that you are not, also owed to others
Things that you become are owned by no one
Things that you desire, are carefully manufactured
Things that you want and need, take caution against artificiality

Those we follow we emulate
Those who lead, create
Those who search, find
Those who can't, don't

It's when you reach the hardest part you concede
Its when you reach the hardest part you defeat
It's when good enough, just is not the same
It's knowing when to take that next step

IT'S knowing when THOSE THINGS matter and THOSE THINGS don't

Song of the Day: Deadmau5 - Strobe

Friday, November 20, 2009

Heart Beats

Its that thing that makes your heart beat faster, makes it skip, and occasionally prolongs that beat for far longer than is comfortable. It's the thing that makes you moan, makes you groan, and makes a mountain of a mole hill. That thing is your significant other. And that other could have been a past a present and almost always interferes with a future.

It is said that if you love something or someone, and it wants to wander, you should let it go. And should that something or someone return. It is truly yours. If life wasn't already complicated enough and your emotional maturity at a level such that the capacity to care for another was a possibility you more than likely have a similar understanding or comprehension of a circumstance(s) where distance makes the heart grow fonder and simultaneously makes the heart wander. Temptation exudes itself in all facets of life and lust is no exception. The feeling of want and being wanted is extremely powerful and pushes limits, boundaries, morals, and any other adjective you can think of. The problem with this is given the preconditions of emotional maturity and having the facebook equivalent of "It's complicated" makes moving on at times difficult.

Now careful not to confuse this with instances where malice and unfaithfulness was the lead up to conclusion, but instead a level of understanding and companionship that still were not enough to keep the physical presence of each person present. It is these instances that are the most difficult to dissect and break free from. So sweet you can still taste it. So fresh you can still feel it. It is this departure from a relationship that leaves the question of what could be and the lingering of the past. How does one proceed forward? The answer, with caution and reckless abandon for an improvement on that previous feeling.

The only bigger injustice that can be done to the one who you cared for is to dismiss your own happiness and sacrifice it for something that is not guaranteed. That person spent an inordinate amount of time and energy learning with you what is possible and what can be realized from a combined experiences in life. The point of the whole thing was to continue to improve and to seek out better. And in some cases there will be none better. No experience that can compare. No feeling that adequately captures emotion. No one that looks quite the right way at you. Or does that quirky clean your ears thing that you know is so weird but miss so dearly. But it is at that point when you know he/she was the one that they come back. Never close doors that can lead you to greener pastures merely to postpone the past. Life is really only worth doing if your living. And lust, want, and relationships make that next heart beat real.

The XX - Shelter (Death To The Throne Remix)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Escape Materialism and Find Happiness

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city. - George Burns

Money can’t buy you love. It can’t buy you happiness either. Today’s materialistic world often urges us to buy the coolest gadgets, the trendiest clothes, bigger and better things, but research shows that possessions and purchases don’t buy us happiness. According to an article on CNN, "by and large, money buys happiness only for those who lack the basic needs. Once you pass an income of $50,000, more money doesn’t buy much more happiness [according to happiness studies]." So while we are being pushed towards materialism, it’s for monetary gain by corporations, not for our own happiness.
All around us, there are messages telling us to buy stuff. On the internet, we see continuous advertising trying to get us to purchase a product or service. It’s the main reason for television, and movies are continually made with products placed throughout, so that we aren’t always sure what is advertising and what was put in there by the director. Flip on the radio or open up a newspaper or magazine, and you’re bombarded by more advertising. Go to a shopping center/mall, and the urge to buy comes from every direction. This message to continually buy, buy, buy and that it will somehow make us happier is drilled into our heads from the days of Happy Meals and cartoons until the day we die. It’s inescapable. Well, almost. You could go and live in a cabin in the woods (and that actually sounds nice), or you could still live in our modern society, but find ways to escape materialism.
Unfortunately, it’s hard to escape the trap of materialism, and find happiness in ways other than buying stuff online or finding joy in the mall. But it’s possible. Here’s a guide to finding a materialism-free life and discovering true happiness.


  1. Limit television. Do you really enjoy watching TV for hours? Think about which shows you really, really love, and only watch during that time. When the commercials come on, go do something else. Or use Tivo to watch TV. You can even give up cable TV entirely, if you’re brave — you may just discover it’s one of the best things you’ve ever done.
  2. Eschew the news. Journalists will never tell you this, but if they’re completely honest, they’ll confess that the most important part of any news company, from TV or radio news to internet or print news, is the advertising division. It’s the division that provides the paychecks for the rest of the company. The news is important in driving traffic to the advertising. So when you’re watching or reading news, you’re really being sucked in to advertising. Try this instead: boycott the news for a week. It won't hurt you; it will help you a lot in finding reliable and worthy news sources minus advertisements; it'll also decrease your exposure to negative stories 99% of the time.
  3. Limit Internet reading. This isn't asking you to cancel your cable internet subscription or anything. Just check out the sites that you truly love reading, that give you the most value, and limit your reading to those. And just do it once a day, for 30 minutes or so. If you can do that, you’ve gone a long way towards tearing yourself away from advertising. And support sites that do not advertise with your devoted readership.
  4. Give up magazines for books. Magazines are also designed with advertising in mind. And they rarely give you much value. Try reading an ad-free book instead. It’s a much better use of your time.
  5. Don’t go to the mall or Walmart. The only purpose of these places is for you to spend money. If you just want a place to spend your Saturday afternoon, find a place where you don’t need to spend money to have fun — a park, the library or a beach, for example. If you need to buy something, go to a single store (not the mall) and go in and get what you need. Don’t browse and walk around looking at stuff. You’ll get sucked in.
  6. Monitor your urges. When you’re online, or watching TV, or at a store, keep track of the number of times you want to buy something. Keep a little notebook or index card, and just put tally marks. Once you become more aware of your urges to buy things, you can start to control them. If you could control them, limiting your consumption of media (see above tips) isn’t really necessary — although arguably doing so still gives you a better quality of life.
  7. Use a 30-day list. If you still really want to buy something, put it on a list, and write down the date you added the item to the list. Now tell yourself you cannot buy that item for 30 days. It might be difficult, but you can do it. When the 30 days have passed, if you still want it, then buy it. But you can’t buy anything (besides essentials like groceries) without putting it on the list for 30 days first. Many times, our urges to buy something will pass during this waiting period.
  8. Declutter. You will find it pretty amazing to see all the rubbish you buy over a period of years, when you go through closets and other possessions and start getting rid of stuff you don’t use or want any more. It’s a gratifying process, and at the same time, it makes you realize how useless all our consumer shopping is. You don’t need any of the stuff! When you do this, you may be less likely to buy more stuff. Especially if you enjoy the decluttered look of your house - most people do!
  9. Find other forms of entertainment. There are other things to do besides watching TV or movies or reading magazines, newspapers or the internet. Try playing sports or exercising, or playing board games, creating art, writing or reading a book. Try doing fun things with your kids or visiting relatives and other loved ones. Try volunteering with a charity. Come up with 100 free or cheap things to do and do them!
  10. Buy used. When you get the urge to buy something, and you’re convinced that it’s needed, try finding it used instead of new. Look in thrift shops, recycling depots, second-hand dealers or garage sales, flea markets or similar places. Provided it works, it'll do the same job as a new one and cost you much less and you spare the Earth a little longer from additional junk being thrown away or produced.
  11. Find the true Path to Happiness. So, if you’re able to escape materialism, how can you find true happiness? There are many ways, and each of us is different, but here are some things to try:
    • Grateful list. Make a list of things about which you’re grateful in your life. Give thanks for them daily.
    • Think positive. Try eliminating negative thinking from your life, and think positive instead.
    • Small pleasures. Make a list of small things that give you great pleasure. Sprinkle them throughout your day. Notice other small pleasures as you go through your day.
    • Kindness. Practice random acts of kindness and compassion. Do it anonymously. Help those in need. Volunteer. Make someone smile.
    • Love. Make an intimate connection with your loved ones. Develop your friendships. Spend time with them, converse, understand them, make them happy.
    • Health. Exercise and eat healthy — it sounds trite, but it can bring great happiness to your life.
    • Meaning. It’s often useful to find meaning, either through a church or spiritual way, or through those we love in life or through the things we’re passionate about. Give yourself a purpose.
    • Flow. Eliminate distractions, and really pour yourself into whatever you’re doing, until you forget the outside world.
    • Know yourself. Become attuned to what brings you happiness. Study yourself. Learn about what you love, and about your ability to love. Increase your capacity for compassion.
    • Experience the natural world.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Takeover

There is something very significant occurring in the world right now and it pertains to demographics. The youth of today are taking over. Generation Y as we are termed are taking control. Like a light switch each bulb is being turned on. I can see it in my peers. You hit this point where things aren't just short term and that ambition to actually fulfill potential turns into an energy which creates a force of mentality that screams 'Fuck it no one can stop me'.

The baby boomers are done. They have made their money or have got nothing to show for going through economic cycles. The twenty fifth year of my life I know, is going to be the biggest. For some I know it took a few years more on this earth to figure it out but it happens. And its a change that is very apparent. A gradual shift, the common symptoms are generally a constant discussion of change or self improvement and a call to action. Then slowly a decrease in partying, and less focus on menial and superficial barriers. Then BANG! it happens you can see the difference in the person their attitude and their drive.

Demographically, geographically, and politically we have a very different landscape. An unlimited amount of options but to the point of being overwhelmed. The thing is you cannot fail enough. Failure is a clear indication of effort. Effort is the necessary ingredient for accomplishment. Accomplishment is the crucial building block for success. Not to mention we can lean heavily on the wise old sage's from the baby boom and profiteer from it. They simply do not have the energy we have and in 10 years we will dominate this market place. The most prevalent example of this is India. A simple study of their population and growth is a macro example of each person in their mid to late twenties anywhere in the world given adequate ingredients to succeed. These of course being the basic necessitates and computer access.

At the point when your light comes on. And you realize that the blind ambition that manifest as frustration can be channeled into work that is your passion. You will not sleep, getting laid is secondary, and your only drive will be to achieve that potential and ensure its just slightly out of your reach so that you can keep going higher. It is the belief that this potential can be realized and become reality that will wake you up in the morning and urge those around you to stop fucking around cause your energy, ideas, and goals are infections dammit! That's how I know I have turned a corner.

Like a snowball effect I am gaining momentum. There is no stopping my success and those who choose to hop on for the ride are in for a ride. I can only hope that the landing is a sandy beach chair in a pair of comfy breathable DoubleSicks'.

Song of the Day: Jay Z-Cause Ya Can't Knock the Hustle

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Easily the most useless and counterproductive feeling in the make up of emotions. Think about that last Facebook album you clicked through and all those familiar faces from years back that you see now still together enjoying what once used to be your stomping grounds. All the while thinking, well I know I am still in contact and all but would it be the same if I was back? The answer, well its just about as useless as the question.

See the weakness that we have is that we look back and apply that to the future, combining now with the notion of what could have been if...(fill in the blank). It is really quite futile to think about circumstances and life in general in those terms. The feeling that brings you back makes you feel warm, fuzzy, and familiar, and turns itself into self pity, doubt, and appreciation of where you are in life at this moment. Social media is amazing to keep people, places, and things current. It's just that whats current tends to become what's in the past and so quickly the distant past.

I have boiled it down to precisely this. Memories are an amazing thing, referring to the good ones of course, and nostalgia above all is appreciating the people that were in your life and the places that you have been blessed to witness. I love pictures and only recently has my love of them started to find a channel of expression but my old attitude still applies. When you are in a place, hearing that song, seeing those people the mind is the ultimate playback. There are things that will never be articulated in picture or video they are simply impossible to be articulated. The old expression 'you had to be there' holds so true for those who have experienced things in life that only the few have. The true feeling of nostalgia exists when you are thinking of someone and they message you or call you. As if the universe just conspired and the energy was just right. That is what a true memory is. The power to be retained and be the conduit of all these (useless?) emotions.

Nostalgia is the recognition that we have a shortfall in not being able to relay experiences and that is not a bad thing. It simply means that you are having experiences that are unreal and necessary part of a complete existence. It means adventure was had, risks were taken and cool shit was the outcome. And when you meet a person who gets that, communication verbally, through pictures, and all the social networking in the world is secondary.

Song of the Day: Darius Rucker - Alright

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trail and Error

Two paths diverged in the woods, and I....I took the one commonly traveled. A choice exists in everything. Very few situations exist where an alternative action is not possible. Even a gun to the head presents a choice, a forced act or die. This is important to realize as more often than not we don't address this. We defer or delegate choice and action. We allow influence to dictate what we do, how we do it and when we 'choose' to do it. The influence surrounds us and makes independent acti0n and decisions become ever so complicated. Profit, and a lot of it, is at stake when people start to choose for themselves, its dangerous business for too many.

In looking at the choices made in life we so often being on one path and defer to another. Essentially we get what we want and either by boredom, succession, or realization it was the wrong path to being in a desired place we abandon the initial desire. The diligence in research and development is instead replaced by another R & D, rip off and duplicate.

See the way we learn has traditionally been that of trial and error, in essence doing things wrong until the right way is achieved is how most go about finding out what their passion in life is. Basically, hoping to stumble upon this utopia. I have much experience taking comfort in the possibility of the fortuitous bounce choosing one option hoping it to lead to THE option. All I have really learned is that its pure hard work. You really have to make the option. Pursuit through conventional means is too dicey. The more direct and exact route is to simply make the option. And really that is where the hard work comes in.

You are either the conduit or you are the conductor it is a simple choice really. I would like to believe that in order to make a good leader at some point you must have been a good follower. In one sense trial and error is a necessary evil because it teaches us what we do not want. This is almost as equally as important as know what it is we do want. We eliminate possibilities, but in a world where there are millions of forks in the road that lead to millions of different destinations how is one to trust trial and error. It is the same and learning. The more you learn the more you should realize how much you don't know.

So I say go forth throw caution to the wind use the heart for decisions and make them quickly and with a certainty only found in a few brave souls. Wrong choices are inevitable but make sure they help you carve the way to the next right move.

Song of the Day: Nina Simone- Black is The Colour of my True Love's Hair

The Truth about Honesty: Final Revelation

With the diligent effort of a dear person close to the heart I feel this piece as the closest any has come to perfection. Here's to getting published!

The truth. It can simultaneously set the narrator free, burden the listener, and have unforeseen consequences for even the greatest writer. There are many variations of the truth of course. There is the whole truth, the half truth, and at times simply not telling a lie can constitute some sort of honesty. This perspective of course depends on who is being asked. The narrator and the listener often do tend to hear things differently. The narrator tries to express their thoughts clearly, while the listener may only hear what he or she has already assumed. There are plenty of versions of a story that claim to be the truth. One must always be very conscious of the way the truth is communicated, as it is often misinterpreted and misunderstood.

The truth is more often that not a very difficult thing to present. It is so because of the common connotation attached by our minds from our previous personal experiences in telling and hearing the truth. If telling the truth wil get you in trouble; it is easier to lie and even easier just to avoid the truth. The listener may be close in heart and revealing the truth to them can potentially cause an undesirable position of vulnerability for the narrator. The mind creates a perceived reaction even before conversation has occurred. This situation creates a self-made fear for the narrator and thus and prolongs its delivery.

The longer one continues to 'live the lie', so to speak, the more difficult it becomes to shed that sense of falsehood. Honesty is the best policy of course, and acting accordingly from the beginning often has very surprising results. The results primarily being that is place you in a positive position adding clarity to the exchange. The truth and the way it is presented is vital in creating the conversations and relationship that you desire.

I speak from the perspective of a person who is continually working to shape my conversations to be more constructive, useful and substantial. My routine way of operating is similar to that of acting first and then asking for forgiveness later. Asking for permission increases the amount of complexity and anxiety for everyone involved. It creates an unnecessary build up and creates a climax that is often undeserving of the stress and anticipation. I find the direct approach to be difficult, but become increasingly easier with practice. Oddly enough, you quickly learn that people appreciate the direct approach. There is no manipulation or evasiveness; it is refreshing break from how most people communicate. The listener is more likely to forgive as it shows a genuine effort to reach out and connect on a higher level.

People tend to think that the person ho is not being told the truth is the one being denied and made to feel foolish for not knowing the reality. In actuality, it is the person withholding the fats that is carrying the burden and freedom is the price paid. I believe that being honest is often a selfish action. yet, it is looked at by others as being utterly selfless. Take advantage of this, keeping in mind that there are always delicacies involved. Nevertheless, I would rather impose on one's feelings for a fleeting moment rather than restrict myself for any length of time.

Words must be selected carefully when extending the truth to the listener. When chosen properly, these words will offer freedom from lies and satisfaction through truth. Words are peculiar form of expression. They can be made to serve any agenda and manipulate masses. Words also have the ability to illustrate the most vivid picture. They can take a story and produce a piece of writing that is so abstract is would rival any Picasso.

Language is a fascinating form of art. It is a well knows as a system of words used for communication. Language is beautiful way to express what we feel, think, see and desire. Words can also be used to the detriment of all these aspects. Caught in the middle of this space is a little facet of the English vernacular known as the truth. The truth has many forms, definition and understandings. Seeking the truth and embodying the truth are also uniquely differing but there is no denying the presence of it when a person is acting with honesty, it is a way of operating. Embed that operation into you everyday life and let the results astound you. Correct your thinking and interactions so that the only option is to speak in a truthful manner. Telling the truth is easy. In the grand scheme of things it's just words right?

Song of the Day: Sai-Breathe Me (Mylo remix)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Truth About Honesty

Words are a funny thing. They have the ability to illustrate the most vivid of pictures or take a story and produce a piece so abstract it would rival any Picasso. They can be made to serve any agenda and manipulate the masses. Language is a beautiful way to express things that we feel, think, see and desire. Words can also be used to the detriment of all these aspects. Caught in the middle of this space is a little aspect of the English vernacular known as the truth. It can simultaneously set the narrator free, burden the listener, and have consequences unforeseen by even the greatest fiction writer. There are many variations of the truth, whole truths, half truths, white lies, and even not telling a lie can constitute honesty. This of course depends on who is asked. Versions of the truth are a plenty and one must be very conscious of the way the truth is communicated, as it is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. But enough about the vagueness of honesty it is time to analyze what the truth can do and what it means through the eyes of yours truly.

The truth is more often that not a very difficult thing to present. The truth is susceptible to degrees in terms of the ease in which it is to relay to people. Some subjects are close to the heart and revealing the truth is perceived to be a position of vulnerability. A position that is uncomfortable and thus usually undesirable. A misconception though it may be but reality is defined by perception.

Time is also a factor the longer one continues to 'live the lie' so to speak the more difficult it becomes to shed that falsehood. Honesty is the best policy and acting accordingly from the beginning often has very surprising results. The results primarily being that it places you in the position you want to be in while adding a clarity to the exchange.

I speak from the perspective of someone who is continually working to make my conversations more constructive more useful and substantial. The direct approach is a thing I find to be difficult but becoming increasingly easier with practice. I hold this practice and way of operating similar to that of acting first and then asking for forgiveness later. I believe that being honest is often the most selfish thing one can do and yet it is looked at as being rather selfless. Take advantage of this. Of course there are delicacies involved but on the whole I would rather impose on one's feelings for a fleeting moment rather than restrict myself.

The fact is as much as people like to think that he person not being told the truth is the one who is being denied and made to feel foolish for not knowing it is the person withholding the facts that is carrying the burden, and freedom is the price paid.

The true ending of a good or difficult conversation is leaving with the thought there is nothing left for me to say and actually meaning it.

I suppose after all telling the truth is easy. It's just words right?

A dedication to a woman with the same initials. Thank you for helping me find the truth.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Balancing Act

Constantly surrounded by changing circumstances the power of observation is essential. Minute details that play into the larger fabric of the environment and people around us. Those who successfully master this skill are often at distinct advantage. Allowing those who do realize to capitalize and react effectively.

Individuals inherently strive to achieve more, become better at their craft, and generally increase the utility derived from each endeavor they pursue. Generally speaking the nature of being human is first and foremost self preservation and thus many things we do are self serving. In recognizing this and looking at what it means in a more modern context it is usually acceptable to equate the concept of self preservation to creating economic wealth. This is by no means the sole measure but perhaps the most widely understood and accepted one. The basic premise being that security, comfort, and overall satisfaction are highly correlated with the assets one is able to accumulate. The intention is not to oversimplify the many aspects people strive for but in general self worth in the eyes of the individual and society would agree with this thought.

All the above is observation, but to put it in a more contextual and real life perspective it is useful to look through the lens of those who have 'made' it according to the guidelines of self preservation above. There is no better way than to look at circumstances of the 'made it' population. Given the unique advantage of knowing several (some who are very close to home) in the 'made it' crowd I notice glaring deficiencies in their lives. The chinks in armor are as varied as the people themselves but the fundamental similarity is that things has been lost on the journey to making it. Some are quite obvious such as trading time in the office for time with the kids, or losing sight of ethics and morals in the pursuit of profit or squandering the once unbreakable bonds of previous relationships. However, all too commonly the deficiencies are minor and can go ignored. When coupled with multiple deficiencies or when unaddressed the flaws grow increasingly larger. This is evidenced in the well known mid life crisis, when a breaking point is reached and drastic, instant gratification measures are taken to remedy the problem; often ineffectively so. Well documented is the notion of how things going from seemingly perfect to the disastrous. Whether it is the sensationalist movies bridging fiction between the life of the privileged and the confines and trials that such privilege come with. Or the gruesome news story of the seemingly perfect family gone wrong. There is no doubt you have been exposed in some way to this as even the most oblivious must have observed.

The reason for this post is to analyze the what, when, how, and why this is so often the case. In order to do so provided is a list of terms that are essential ingredients to making it as defined by Webster's and the dissection of the reality of the terms.

: a favorable juncture of circumstances
: a good chance for advancement or progress

As Oprah so eloquently puts it this is when hard work meets luck. I however prefer to think of this as two thoughts colliding to create the pursuit of an objective with reckless abandon. In the context of the made it crowd I have seen people look at their successes and dismiss them instead choosing to focus on the missed chances, and trying in vain to make up for them. A game in which satisfaction is never achieved and the thirst for acknowledgment is never quenched. Corrupting current chances. Hindsight is 20/20 but no perspective is blinding.

obsolete : outcome, result
2 a
: degree or measure of succeeding b : favorable or desired outcome; also : the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence
: one that succeeds

Commonly known as the most arbitrarily and simultaneously measurable aspect in life. Measurable due to the quantitative nature associated with the term but arbitrary because it means so many things to so many people. In a consumption based society the degree to which success is defined is simply money and the ability to attain possessions of desire. However, the world through a different perspective sees success in a broader context, much like the second definition. One in which you work to live as opposed to living to work. The latter is what too many people do. Work above all else is a hazardous practice that lends itself to much unhappiness.

: abundance of valuable material possessions or resources 2: abundant supply : profusion 3 a : all property that has a money value or an exchangeable value b : all material objects that have economic utility; especially : the stock of useful goods having economic value in existence at any one time wealth>

A prime example of how the things we value in life can be out of order. I personally know millionaires that would gladly give their abundant material possessions for a real and substansive interaction with their children. Wealth should encompass much more than your bank account. The healthy relationships that you have with peers, family, and friends is more often than not a fortune in itself.

In all this observation I must look at myself and say am I writing this because I have not 'made it' or is my 'made' defined differently. I would like to believe its the latter but a third party is always useful when it comes to evaluating that.

I urge everyone to reflect on their picture of being made. You may already be closer than you think.

Song of the Day: Nina Simone-Sinnerman

Friday, September 11, 2009

Delusional Daydream

In doing some leisurely reading I came across a great exercise from one of my favorite blogger's. The exercise is much more extensive than what I present however for my purposes the basic premise is creating your ideal situation in life and eliminating expectations and perceived obstacles. Things that I have written at length about before but this is actually quite cool because it give interesting insight into what everyone wants when they wake up in the morning; which would be an amazing day. It's one of those 2 times in a year days that most people have. That find the money in a pocket feeling all day. So I thought I would map out my perfect day just to see if I could make it more of a common occurrence.

The context: I currently reside in Bali, Indonesia a mecca for backpackers and high society expatriates alike. From what I understand its a blend of excesses, indulgences, and spirituality all wrapped in one nice beach towel. I will find out for sure in about 3 weeks. But it does sound like the perfect setting. Close enough to all the action yet the secluded spots are still right there. It is this setting that provides the atmosphere for my perfect day mapped out as intricately as my mind can imagine.

7:00 AM Presuming the previous evening ended relatively tamely I wake up to a rising amber sun grab my surf board and head to the beach for some tranquility and adrenaline served in a lovely cocktail that can only be achieved in the barrel of a wave. This form of meditation suits me perfectly.

8:30 AM I head back to my place which is located adjacent to the hostel that I co-own with one of my best friends. We sit at breakfast with some of our guests and talk about the day ahead last nights events and go over the business. New reservations, current and future occupancy, look at some other acquisitions we are planning, and meet with the team to see how things are going get feedback and see how we can continue to be the best hostel experience that side of the world. We wrap up by talking about upcoming events and excursions for the guests and with that last sip of passion juice we call it. Time to go back to work.

10:00 AM We head out to the Gili Islands catching a ferry that we arranged for our backpackers day excursion. Although we have made this trip several times before with our guests and just for fun this one has a slightly different goal. We have recently been told that one of the many backpacker accommodations is for sale and the owner is also intent on selling his beach front bar as well. Realizing the potential of the place we agree to pursue further talks after a period of due diligence. Not only is this going to be a profitable compliment to our existing business and help build our band but its the right price and just up our alley. We talk briefly about a plan of attack and agree that getting more familiar with the other business owners is key.

12:30 PM After a quick bite to eat from a local food stand we head over to meet our staff and guests as today they are taking snorkeling lessons with a good friend who a master diver that we partnered with as part of what we offer to guests. I relax on the glass bottom boat as Latif eagerly plots our next moves for the Gili Island take over. Already the theme nights are spewing from his thoughts and I urge him to relax as the temperature nears 30 degrees.

4:00 PM Back in Bali I walk into the hostel to check on preparations for the evening as tonight is the legendary ladies night at our bar. Things seem to be shaping up with their usual fervor. And the bar seats are already filled with new arrivals.

4:30 PM I head over to my place a shower and some administrative details need to be handled. It seems that with profitability the appropriate planning is necessary. Our accountant needs to be sent a few documents and our broker needs to put an offer in on the next property. But what I really relish is the opportunity to sit down and add a new entry to my website. I have had a topic brewing for quite some time and its finally time to give my readers an update about what they can expect in the coming weeks. My first online product is finally about to come out and there are only a few touches left to go from my graphic designer and editor before its released to the public. I have completed several free packages and they have been met with an excellent response leading to what is now a solid readership base. Lastly, I have to book my ticket to Nairobi next week. It's my dad's birthday next week and he is in for a surprise the whole family is going to be there, grand kids too!

7:00PM Finally a bit of time to relax on the deck with a book and catch up on the pages that I have been neglecting. An escape even from paradise is necessary. The book is by a good friend and mentor that is currently flying off the bookshelves, and I can see why. The perfect blend of information and entertainment.

8:15 PM Ready to go! The airport is a bit of a trek, especially with Indonesian traffic, and one I rarely make but this time it is for VIP I have my cousins and 2 friends flying in and they are kicking off a one month trip in the region. The 4 nights that will follow are sure to be a page from the adventures before. Perceived maturity on lasts until the plane lands and then indulgences are pursued with reckless abandon.

10:00 PM We are catching up, laughing and finishing up dinner as the drinks go down smoothly. I tell them about a great spot we need to hit later that evening but dropping off the bags and showering is a must after their journey in. I drop them off at the Villa and head to the hostel the meeting is our bar no later than midnight.

11:30 PM People start to flow in and family and friends are enjoying the tropical blend of beverage specials. The new bartender seems to be working out well and the work for accommodation arrangement is hopefully more permanent than that the few weeks initially intended. The numbers continually improve and sure enough as 1 AM arrives the place is packed. I make sure loose ends are tied as these nights can seem too much. The crowd of locals tourists and expats overflow onto the beach as the visiting DJ keeps feet moving before. Heading out into the moonlight with the crew there are new adventures to be had and a night full of stories waiting to be made. But the nagging thought of 'Can I get a surf in tomorrow?' nags at me. There are worse things to be worried about I console myself because days like this are only 7 times a week.

Song of the Day: Adele-Hometown Glory (High Contrast remix)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Catch 21

"With so many different directions to choose from, you just have to keep one foot in front of the other. Trust your gut and follow your heart."

The crossroads of decision and direction approach and arrive. I seem armed only with irresolution and indecision that I have already sworn away. This type of life, so much more in concert with anonymity and inconsequentiality. No inherent risk and no apparent gain.

Its actually quite the juxtaposition from the barriers faced previously. And it is due to one simple observation and truth. Life is easy, it is just not simple.

All the aspects in life that we choose to attain are really easy to identify. The steps to attain them are varied, but similarly identifiable relative to the end. This all is easy. Putting together a plan and securing the will to do so is easy. It is the action, the determination and the commitment to the course of action with abandon to all other causes which are not simple. This is true of myself. I often wonder if this is a fake phobia or a self created delusional flaw of character or worse yet is it real?

It all seems to make perfect sense until it doesn't. Doesn't it? I used to feel that destiny played a hand in everything I did. Perhaps naively thinking so as destiny is inexplicably and unconditionally linked with good fortune. And therefore given the association I was destined. I may no longer hold this as true considering I question previous logic. Instead I heed the advice of those who preach hard work and simply 'getting out there'. One thing that I do acknowledge is that I lost the ability to ask for what I want. Does anybody use that form of authenticity any more? I certainly would like to rediscover it.

At times I explore my state of mind and my state of being and rationalize that this is me waiting for what I truly want and desire. It seems as though a sufficient amount of time has been spent learning what I do not desire to do. But clearly idleness is not the vehicle to discovering 'destiny' so to speak. I place myself in a fortunate few. A window to take advantage of any opportunity or desire that I identify as attainable. And with that I am armed with renewed vigor and self assurance.

So I implore myself. I beg myself. That I be freed from the shackles of my own undefined ambition.

Song of the Day: Nujabes-Another Reflection

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Needs Improvement

Transition, it is always filled with variations in emotions and questions. Issues such as what do I want to accomplish? What will best serve my intentions in life and help me grow towards those intentions? What specific skill set do I wish to build? All important questions certainly but more recently I was posed with the notion that I was lost, out of sorts and confused as to what direction I should proceed in. This was quite the contrast from how I felt at the outset of that very same day. I had opportunity without it being actively sought out, the advantage of time on my side and the knowledge of what is important to me going forward in order to address the above questions. The reason cited for this view of where I am was in large part due to the following identified weaknesses. Keeping in mind that I do appreciate constructive feedback I decided to analyze the following weakness by first stating the area of improvement and expanding on these and then giving my opinion as to whether I feel this is a true weakness and any possible solutions or approach.

1-Lack of Organization/Structure: This is an area that I have had scarce success in. I acknowledge that I am not the best when it comes to creating a situation which is fool proof. I believe this feedback was meant more towards working within an organizational structure and reporting to a 'boss'. I think that this criticism is unfounded to a large extent. Mainly because when working withing a structure I have had little problem reporting to a higher level and no problem with authority. This is an area where I believe I need to learn how a hierarchy is created and maintained effectively. I believe that my last experience lacked this mainly because of the ability of both the boss and employee (myself). Possible solutions are being my own boss and creating this structure through trail and error, or going to join a large corporation and work within a strict and established structure.

2-Inability with respect to Execution/Completion: I would agree with this criticism to a large degree. When tasked with completing smaller parts of an end goal I find no problem is doing so. However, in my post university work life there is really no large project that I have been able to see through to completion with the company and team. I feel one notable exception is being a large part of building a property management business both in theory (operations) and in practice. Solutions to this are largely internal in that I need to work on my focus and dedication to a specific task with the end result in mind. There is an aspect of making all the parts and players work but I believe for me this on my personal level.

3- Self Control: This is a critique that I came up with. Dealing with two aspects in particular. One is to do with toning down my partying and the level of intoxication I allow and the corressponding fallout that can and does occasionally occur. The second part is to digest, refelct and then act appropriately in a measured way to achieve a desired response. Specifically I want to learn how to better achieve an end. I tend to act on impulse and need a more though out approach sometimes more delicate and at other times timely and assertive. The solution here is quite apparent. Thinking further into the matter will resolve impulse and moderation in any excess is something I need to excercise more frequently.

I believe that in recognizing and addressing these issues it allows me to be more effective in moving forward with a good decision. I do not allow myself to believe that I am lost as was pointed out to me, as I tend to buy into what other have to say especially considering the source. In this instance I choose to believe in myself with the knowledge there is room to improve.

Song of the Day: Mos Def-No Hay Nada Mas

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pilgrimage To the Hajji

Remember, friends, as you pass by,
As you are now so once was I.
As I am now, so you must be.
Prepare yourself to follow me.

I recently arrived from a trip that can best be described at the best possible manifestation of 'going with the flow'. On the last day of an amazing road trip through Eastern Europe I wrote the following entry into the Hajji journa. l written shortly before my travels were coming to an end I believe entry captures the essence of the trip and the people I got to know.

"The only was to appropriately describe this is 'holy fucking shit balls!' It is the reaction that goes through my mind each time I think about what I am doing, who I am doing it with, and how amazing it is. The phrase is also fitting of the reaction that anyone seems to have we tell people what Markus and Ren have come up with. You can see the envy, the awe, and the inspiration that is conjured up in all these people. The Hajji is the dream for everyone and you guys are realizing that dream with the help of some really cool characters.

It sucks that I am going to have to wake up from this dream in a couple of days but who knows, reality may just cause me to hop on the next flight back.

I really want to thank you guys for letting me be part of an adventure. What you are doing is truly inspiring and I can only hope to reproduce an experience as unique and random as this. I cannot wait for the Hajji to hit he streets of Vancouver so that we can road trip all the time (and relive a brief glimpse of that European escapade).

To the Cast of Characters:
Adam: I will miss you bed time stories and your constant judging of my behavior. Not to mention the inner Jew you bring out in me.

Benny: I love the animalistic behavior and your encouragement to continually abandon my principles (contrary to Adam's wishes) as they simply limit one's options.

Cous & Ren: You guys rock! There are really are not enough people like you in our world.

Tannis: your always infectious smile will be sorely missed and I cannot wait to see it again on the east coast.

I love all you guyes and can't wait to hear all about your travels and see you back on our side of the world. In the mean time every cheers you gys have on the road, I will be there enjoying that first sip with ya!

Lots of love


These people and this trip taught me that the fear of not doing it is far greater than the aftermath, regretting not doing it.

Song of the Day: M83-We Own the Sky

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Female Form

The intention of this is to be beautiful. To signify and embody beauty. Each word is not to be wasted but intricately used to create the vision, sense, sound, and feel of purity of the female form in its most raw literary construction. Expressed and experienced through that of the female form. I currently lay next to one of the most beautiful figures, benevolent to all five senses. The intention of this post is simple to convey that beauty in all its impossibility.

To appreciate it fully may be one of the most trying tasks of any man. A creature so complex and yet easily appreciated. One that makes decisions with her heart for logic is for philosophers and academics, while she chooses to air on the side of dreamers.

You see the heart, and decisions of the heart, are made by those who disregard risk and force bravery in the face of deceit, hate and comfort. All of which, she can make you realize are self created. The inspiration that lays beside me is a formidable force. She will strike doubt in the weak and instill might in the steadfast. She is mine and mine forever she will remain for this moment is not only for the now. It is to a previous work that I refer when I say I do not know how long this love, this lust, this infatuation may last but I cherish it while it does and still continue to do so.

I often converse with those that argue the glass is half empty, however perception as I have mentioned is deceptive, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. The gain of knowing love far outweighs the loss of it. The theory of abundance is personified through her and it exudes through her pores and is absorbed by those few lucky enough to acknowledge it.

This medium is my release. This is my valve and although words cannot do justice to the beauty I wish you to envision, I can only hope my words convey the image that we should all see when beauty in all her forms reveals herself.

Song of the Day: Any Other Name-Loneliness

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Pinch of Salt and Juice

So its quite obvious that I have been falling short of a promise that I made to myself to write frequently. I find that I choose to write when I have something relevant to say. However, it does work against me to a certain extent as its not always that I have something relevant or moving to share. Nonetheless it is more and more clear that simply sitting down and putting pen to paper, so to speak, is part of the process. Kind of like my saying distance doesn't make the heart grow fonder it makes it wander. Getting the creative juices flowing and what results may often be some of the best unintended consequences, and I believe that pretty much goes for anything. So in the mean time while the juices blend I thought why not just write.

In a state of renewed excitement, filled with vigor about the possibilities and the finality of an intention a year in the making. I am totally looking forward to Vancouver and and the universe conspires to help me as the pieces are falling into place. People are excited for me and with me. I want to involve everyone I can in the most positive way and let them contribute and lend their talents and vision to something we can create. I thought I would be leaving behind all the great people I have met here but really they are all coming with me. That is truly how I feel about the bridges I have been able to build. It seems that this whole time I have been looking for some one to work with and a partner to really champion something that will quench my entrepreneurial thirst. As it turns out its actually the opposite, people are waiting on my initiative which leads me to a point I intend to prove; that I am a leader and that I will surround myself with leaders who conspire to achieve what the picture above says.

I will close this post with a brief lesson recently learned. A couple actually. Firstly keep all your communication transparent and current. Vulnerability is a mistake in perception, for communicating in this manner simply impacts people in a way that involves them as part of the solution and develops a good energy. It simply results in positive outcomes and creates trust and clarity.

Second, is some advice recently received from a woman who is as wild as she is amazing.
Rule # 1- Always tell the truth
Rule # 2- Never hurt anyone
Rule # 3- Practice being selfish
If everyone lived half as much as they do in one day as she does we would all die from the happiest state of exhaustion.

After reflection on this post it appears that the juices definitely got going. I would say right about that second paragraph. Refill's anyone!

Song of the Day: Yves LaRock-Rise Up

Saturday, May 30, 2009


i have decided that i fall in love easily

i have also decided that its not a bad thing.

Song of the Day: Bombay Bicycle Club: Always Like This

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Skill Set vs. Materialism

I have had a lot of change occur recently and certainly lots of uncertainty ahead of me as a result of my actions. I took my last piece of advice about time rather seriously and decided to act accordingly. So I resigned from my job. At that point in the conversation when the ‘I Quit!’ moment came out of my mouth I immediately felt the unease that comes without the security, certainty and comfort to which I am now accustomed. Immediately following that I felt the energy come back into my skin, the true feeling of being relieved and the realization that in all that uncertainly lay infinite options.

One of the exercises I have been meaning to blog about is something I, and probably others who have an entrepreneurial bug, struggle with constantly. The question of resources or more specifically the scarcity of those resources, do I have enough in order to make things work? More often than not the word resources can be replaced with money. So I decided it would be wise to take on the opposite question of what if I did have the resources. What if I had the following amounts $50K, $100K, $1 Million or even $10 Million?

The answer to the last one is quite simple as it’s high enough a number to justify not having to work anymore and simply live off principal and interest. But the other three amounts result in a similar answer. They differentiate in varying degrees corresponding with each amount. With a million most people would save some spend some and do any number of things with the rest but in this day it’s unlikely that it will last you the rest of your life especially if you’re young. With the other two amounts its pretty much guaranteed that production and income is still required. All of this is relative to the individual depending on spending habits, and decision making but in absolute terms it simply isn’t enough to survive on.

The original point of the exercise, as I believe was intended by the person it was given by, was to discover that money in itself is really not a valuable resource. The more valuable thing is having the experience to make the money work effectively and of course to make it multiply. I on the other hand take a slightly different lesson from this. I fully agree with the latter portion about multiplication, but I have and probably always will have a difficult time accepting that experience is the best teacher, perhaps due to my youth and comparative inexperience. I believe that the real insight is that to a point it is almost irrelevant how much money you have to start pursuing the next steps in life, but that the most valuable resource is the ability to think beyond the obstacles that present themselves and just take that step and the associated risk anyway and push beyond any perceived limitations in resources; whether this be money, lack of faith, or in my case the fear of success.

Song of the Day: Bah Samba-Calma

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The concept of time is something that I am starting to question more and more. More specifically I question the structure and rigidity it imposes on everyday life. I think that we need to have less reliance on it, only using it for more practical purposes rather than the way we blindly let time dictate our lives. I am not speaking to the more obvious notion that time is necessary to organize our life and set up our days accordingly, I am speaking about a bigger picture one in which time, not the individual, dictates when, where and how things will occur in our life. For instance, at some point most people have put together a thought that resembles 'when I have this then I will get that' both the 'this' and the 'that' are controlled by time in this thought. This implies that time, not the individual, has control of our actions or more importantly creates our inaction. Often we approach life with the mentality of 'Have, Do, then Be' instead of 'Be, Do, then Have'. Time is so embedded in society it is difficult to think how one might cope without it while concealing how enormous an impact it has on the way we live and approach life.

A simple example that I can draw from my own recent experience is something I indicated in my one of my very first blogs. This being my ambition to take more pictures and buy a camera. My thought process to achieve this goal was completely wrong. I thought that when I had enough money I would purchase the camera and then take more pictures. This is the 'Have, Do, Be' approach. In the context of what I believe to be the more correct approach (Be, Do, Have) I started to look up camera's and immediately found that I no longer needed to prolong my purchase as I had no idea what enough money to buy a camera would be and more importantly when that would be. I now have a camera which will allow me to take more pictures, learn more about photography and actually achieve my stated objectives.

However, this is just a minor example. Consider this in the larger picture. What are you putting off for 'when the time is right' that is really something we desire that can be acted on now. I am looking more and more to implement this kind of thinking in my life. Time is just a man made concept (brilliant it may be) that is universally and socially accepted by the masses and consequently forces conformity. Consider the 9-5 the bane of my existence. How did we arbitrarily just decide that this is when the world will work and coordinate all its activities during this time period? I read more and more and now experience more and more that really time is not only irrelevant but the actually prevents the very purpose it is supposed to serve. Creating freedom. It seems more and more that those who do not follow the laws of time often create more freedom for themselves and naturally lead fuller and more fulfilling lives.

This concept and perception of time, and my personal feelings towards time may be argued by many. I would assume mainly by those who 'need' that structure and organization in their lives, those on the fringe of obsessive compulsive certainly 'need' their calendars and appointments to be accurate. But this is the exact proof of my point. This is completely artificial. Look at the reliance on time as a necessary fixture in your life and just for a moment consider evaluating the dominance it has on you.

Act on what is guaranteed not on what may or may not be coming in the future. The most ideal time that we have is right now.

Song of the Day: Gui Boratto-No Turning Back

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mental Fortitude

It is times when I listen to music, admire literary masterpieces, and indulge in other aspects of the arts that i realize and wonder how it is possible for one person to be responsible for a body of work that is so all encompassing. It seems that everything they approach has a different intention and consequently and outcome that is so far superior than anything others are able to do. I write this as I listen to Bob Marley. How was he able to almost single handedly able to put reggae on the map. Its not that so much that I am enamored with high profile successes but simply consistency in achieving the impossible. It always leaves me in awe and wondering if I can do it. Is it within me? A little admission of doubt and the fear of failure does exist within me and probably most people but acknowledging that is likely one of the first steps into overcoming that and turning it into a strength.

I say this right now because I have been fortunate enough to be presented with an abundance of opportunity to do something cool and work with friends. I think that not only can I compile a very cool and viable body of work that will allow me to expand beyond my current scope of employment. It also allows me to test out what has become my bible 'The Four Hour Work Week'.

Things in life generally conspire and align to help you achieve what is constantly on your mind or what you desire. This can be a good or bad endeavor it depends entirely on the individual and that person's state of mind. I am a firm believer that things manifest themselves in this way and you have complete control over what arises. Right now my world seems to be aligned in a positive and healthy space. I feel blessed with my current state and am mentally committed to producing outstanding results for myself and those I work with and care for.

Song of the Day: Reflekt ft. Delline Bass - Need To Feel Loved

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Build it Up...Anticipation...Blow it Out

Blind Winter

Ah the anticipation of another jaunt into the debauchery that is so familiar to the 'family' vacation. I recall my first post, advocating moderation, a call to exercise a more focused and measured approach to my life. But I also recall writing that perhaps on occasion all that indulgence is necessary, but only just so often. I believe it is the case that just such an occasion is afoot. Coachella!

So we have this amazing place picked out pools, jacuzzi, big back yard, amazing weather, and let's not forget of course a music festival. I am not even so excited about the music festival as I am about the amazing energy and environment that is created every time the family gets together. So much so that the main drawback is when its all over, I come back and reconsider my life again, just as I did in the very first post on my blog. I wonder which is going to be the one adventure that finally breaks the back of my resolve to settle for living in the situation I am. Complacency will end. This I can promise you ad more importantly myself. For now the summer is upon us and the good times will roll. I can guarantee you one thing, that this trip will only solidify my desire for change. I will not spend another winter in Calgary.

On the business tip I am further crafting and re-crafting my for 'muse'. I think that all the brainstorming and excitement is going to lead to action and execution setting the stage for that oh so sought after four hour work week.

So here I go, armed with the heavy artillery of an external hard drive filled with amazing beats, a few vitamins, and one of the baddest crews assembled off into the Palm Springs night.

Song of the Day (Double Dip): Parov Stelar - Kiss Kiss
Deadmau5 - Brazil

Monday, April 6, 2009


"90 percent of life is just showing up"
- Woody Allen
I am totally sold. There is no one thing more conducive and compelling to promote positive change in people than traveling. It is one sole learning experience that has a more profound impact on any one individual. I have never had a child or persevered through insurmountable odds but the one thing that I have done and seen in so many is how exposure to other cultures, views, environments, and the people encountered along the way dramatically alter one's sense of self, purpose, spirit and persona.

I am not referring to the travel that millions do every year, essentially transplanting North American people and culture to a tropical paradise combined with debauchery and monetization, better known as the all inclusive. The kind of travel I am referring to is off the beaten path. It can have a structure but generally takes shape as things unfold. Basically travel that is filled with the intention of experience, the kind that when shown to others evoke the reaction 'wow I wish I could do that'. The specutacular thing about this type of adventure is that the only abundant resource it requires is the will to do it. Which really leads me to my opening quote and should really bring up the question in everyone's mind...Am I showing up in life?

The most interesting people, of which it is no coincidence, are the most well travelled. They seem to have left a part of themselves wherever they have been and replaced it with something they collected along the way, contributing to a greater more complete person. It is truly a vicious cycle that begins immediately after the last adventure ends. The urge and constant itch to continue to explore the world and unearth themselves even further. If the world were full of travelling souls seeking the simplicity that comes with understanding the world through experiencing its wonders, we would all be in a better place.

"People say that what we’re seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. What we seek is an experience of being alive."

Song of the Day: Ben Harper-Diamonds on the Inside

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friends Forgotten

It is to my constant amazement when I look at the people with whom I have crossed paths with at some point in my life, who I do not see on a regular basis and the accomplishments they have designed for their lives. It puts into perspective the amazing heights we are all going to achieve in all different directions. For instance since I have really begun to dig photography and try to make it more a part of what I do, I have noticed so many old friends and peers that are now at a stage where its so much a passion its going to be what they do in life. It's almost like I didn't connect the dots while they were doing the high should yearbook or working in the photo lab that this was actually a possibility.

This post emanates in part because of my inclination to do more worthwhile networking and reaching outside of my comfort zone following the often given advice that talking to people who have done what you aim to achieve is the shortest route to get where you aim to be. And so it follows that the intention put out there conspires to reveal itself, meet amazing people, reconnect to those who have long since slipped out of mind, and lastly make the effort to connect the dots that are closer than you may think. Even those who may seem close could use a reminder of how much value they add to your life whether down the block or across a couple continents.

Simplicity and sincerity to all.

Song of the Day: Dusty Springfield- Spooky

Sunday, March 22, 2009

An Imperative 15 Minutes

This weeks post comes from my first contributing writer; My sister. When I reached out to the ones that I care about and whose opinion I value my sister offered some advice and a mental approach she had used to make decisions. Real decisions, those that should be taken seriously enough to be made with more heart than head, more personality than practicality. So to those few who follow I offer the following....
"I think you should do whatever your heart is telling you to do. That's going to be the right decision. I know you've got options and you're trying to sensibly analyze them, but I really truly believe there is no bad choice here and so you should just go with your heart. You will get into analysis paralysis and will talk yourself out of all moves and it's not going to make your live any happier or more fulfilled. Whatever your heart tells you to do that's what you should do.

This weekend pick a time and dedicate 15minutes to give your heart a chance to speak. Get into a room by yourself with total quite and then just instruct yourself to imagine the best possible scenario for you with no prior conditions or assumptions - your heart will make it up for you and you have to insist on details write it all down if you can the clothes your wearing, the smells, the colors, the company, the environment. Maybe you imagine yourself at the beach drinking pina coladas, wearing sandals and smelling suntan lotion with a couple of hot chicks now what brand are the sandals? what color is the ocean? Once you feel complete read what you've written and fill in more detail - no judgment yet. When you're done with the writing then you can examine and apply analysis. If your sandals are kenneth cole or oscar dela renta then that will determine if money is important, if the ocean is turquoise and warm it will help with what location you're in (pacific or Indian ocean). When you've got most of those items figured out making a decision on your next move becomes easy. If money is important I would say don't go volunteer with AKF or even go to kenya. you should go to vancouver and make some dough. Then you can get yourself to a beach and wear the cool sandals. if dad is in the people that you're with or if the ocean is warm and the sandals are bata then you should go to kenya and enjoy that experience. Now if dad is in your picture and your wearing expensive sun glasses then you need to make money and then go to kenya .

keep in mind you are the only one who can imagine your future and then live it. Don't live by other's standards, priorities or beliefs. once you idenitfy yours then go get advice for those specific things - for money Alnoor Uncle, Iqbal uncle and other coaches, for volunteering i can put you in touch with a ton of philantropists and even the AKF, for family mum, dad, nazmin and I are at hand, for women and commitment to one you can talk to derek and vic. We tend to get advice and then blindly follow it and then wonder why things are at where they are at. I was totally there with the spa. i made money a priority because that's all I was hearing from Alnoor Uncle, nazmin, derek, work, etc. Not that they were giving me advice, but that's what they prioritized so i did too and then all my actions were following that priority. i woke up and realized that I've never prioritized money and it's always been about the feeling of well being inside of me and when i conciously made that a priority it was clear to me that I needed to give the spa to mum coz that just fealt right and still feels right and that's where I want to be.

Hope I've helped."

Nashina Asaria

Song of the Day: Moby-Porcelain