Thursday, December 31, 2009

Love of Fate

This is my 37th post since I began the initiate to write more and use this as my forum to do so. At the beginning of 2009 I laid out a few intentions that laid out what i aimed to accomplish this year. In evaluating these I know that in some areas I have exceeded my own expectations and others remain a working objective I have yet to fully satisfy. With particular respect to writing I believe that I have and continue to remain diligent in my pursuit to express my thoughts, my evolving beliefs and views as well as my perspective of our world. It is without question that I would like to continue to do so. With the help of others I have submitted work and hope to be published in the new year. Irrespective of that I want to continue to improve my skills in articulating and translating emotion and feeling through words.

In looking back at what has been and incredibly eventful year I think that the next promises even more. I approach my objectives this year with a realistic optimism. I say realistic because I know understand more fully the power of my initiative and have furthered my knowledge of what passion is and how to implement that into making success. The optimism is just part of my biological make up. The only thing I have to continue to do is take deep breaths and realize frustrations are merely momentary. With this in mind I lay out 3 main objectives that embody what I want to look back on at this point next year and say I have much more to conquer but that my realistic optimism was well placed.

Firstly, I aim to become more complete as a man and person. This is a very broad concept for me. From taking care of all aspects dealing with my presentation both personally, physically, and mentally, to being more hungry to consume information and learn more at a greater pace. To know more of what I want and what I choose I do not. Again this deals with personal, material, and mental. Clearly ask of myself and receive from within with as little waste as possible. To be specific things like dressing better, getting into the best shape of my life in terms of health and more mentally stronger and complete are markers of success. Doing things in an educated manner and with class and diligence is my approach.

Secondly, is to develop and complete independence. This is less about financial and more about deciding and taking action with a ferocious determination that all else will arrange as the universe conspires to help me achieve. Independence means different things to people but to me it means being in a position to decide, create, and prosper. It means to distinguish from the rest without the obvious emphasis of non-conformity. It means my own place it means my piece of mind. This is a key aspect that I wish do achieve quickly and with style.

Thirdly and most importantly, I want to execute on my vision of DoubleSicks. I am making this dream a reality and creating converts along the way. When done correctly our niche can serve as a vehicle to tap into a creative side previously unknown that can unleash an array of options that will only be limited by my capacity to do even more. I will take this to the next level. A lifestyle brand that evolves with people and addresses the way we wish to interact with our world. A platform of expression and interaction with our world and those in it that can best be summed up with a smile and a sip.

So as I sit here and watch a southern California sunset and reminisce on the year that was I can can be grateful for the energy, faith and belief that 2009 has instilled in me and those it has brought me closer to and further from. To a full glass in the air and a tune in the background here is to the next decade.

Amor Fati -Nietzsche......may you all love your fate.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Safety In Number(s)

Things you are you take from others
Things that you are not, also owed to others
Things that you become are owned by no one
Things that you desire, are carefully manufactured
Things that you want and need, take caution against artificiality

Those we follow we emulate
Those who lead, create
Those who search, find
Those who can't, don't

It's when you reach the hardest part you concede
Its when you reach the hardest part you defeat
It's when good enough, just is not the same
It's knowing when to take that next step

IT'S knowing when THOSE THINGS matter and THOSE THINGS don't

Song of the Day: Deadmau5 - Strobe