Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pilgrimage To the Hajji

Remember, friends, as you pass by,
As you are now so once was I.
As I am now, so you must be.
Prepare yourself to follow me.

I recently arrived from a trip that can best be described at the best possible manifestation of 'going with the flow'. On the last day of an amazing road trip through Eastern Europe I wrote the following entry into the Hajji journa. l written shortly before my travels were coming to an end I believe entry captures the essence of the trip and the people I got to know.

"The only was to appropriately describe this is 'holy fucking shit balls!' It is the reaction that goes through my mind each time I think about what I am doing, who I am doing it with, and how amazing it is. The phrase is also fitting of the reaction that anyone seems to have we tell people what Markus and Ren have come up with. You can see the envy, the awe, and the inspiration that is conjured up in all these people. The Hajji is the dream for everyone and you guys are realizing that dream with the help of some really cool characters.

It sucks that I am going to have to wake up from this dream in a couple of days but who knows, reality may just cause me to hop on the next flight back.

I really want to thank you guys for letting me be part of an adventure. What you are doing is truly inspiring and I can only hope to reproduce an experience as unique and random as this. I cannot wait for the Hajji to hit he streets of Vancouver so that we can road trip all the time (and relive a brief glimpse of that European escapade).

To the Cast of Characters:
Adam: I will miss you bed time stories and your constant judging of my behavior. Not to mention the inner Jew you bring out in me.

Benny: I love the animalistic behavior and your encouragement to continually abandon my principles (contrary to Adam's wishes) as they simply limit one's options.

Cous & Ren: You guys rock! There are really are not enough people like you in our world.

Tannis: your always infectious smile will be sorely missed and I cannot wait to see it again on the east coast.

I love all you guyes and can't wait to hear all about your travels and see you back on our side of the world. In the mean time every cheers you gys have on the road, I will be there enjoying that first sip with ya!

Lots of love


These people and this trip taught me that the fear of not doing it is far greater than the aftermath, regretting not doing it.

Song of the Day: M83-We Own the Sky