Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Build it Up...Anticipation...Blow it Out

Blind Winter

Ah the anticipation of another jaunt into the debauchery that is so familiar to the 'family' vacation. I recall my first post, advocating moderation, a call to exercise a more focused and measured approach to my life. But I also recall writing that perhaps on occasion all that indulgence is necessary, but only just so often. I believe it is the case that just such an occasion is afoot. Coachella!

So we have this amazing place picked out pools, jacuzzi, big back yard, amazing weather, and let's not forget of course a music festival. I am not even so excited about the music festival as I am about the amazing energy and environment that is created every time the family gets together. So much so that the main drawback is when its all over, I come back and reconsider my life again, just as I did in the very first post on my blog. I wonder which is going to be the one adventure that finally breaks the back of my resolve to settle for living in the situation I am. Complacency will end. This I can promise you ad more importantly myself. For now the summer is upon us and the good times will roll. I can guarantee you one thing, that this trip will only solidify my desire for change. I will not spend another winter in Calgary.

On the business tip I am further crafting and re-crafting my for 'muse'. I think that all the brainstorming and excitement is going to lead to action and execution setting the stage for that oh so sought after four hour work week.

So here I go, armed with the heavy artillery of an external hard drive filled with amazing beats, a few vitamins, and one of the baddest crews assembled off into the Palm Springs night.

Song of the Day (Double Dip): Parov Stelar - Kiss Kiss
Deadmau5 - Brazil

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