Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mental Fortitude

It is times when I listen to music, admire literary masterpieces, and indulge in other aspects of the arts that i realize and wonder how it is possible for one person to be responsible for a body of work that is so all encompassing. It seems that everything they approach has a different intention and consequently and outcome that is so far superior than anything others are able to do. I write this as I listen to Bob Marley. How was he able to almost single handedly able to put reggae on the map. Its not that so much that I am enamored with high profile successes but simply consistency in achieving the impossible. It always leaves me in awe and wondering if I can do it. Is it within me? A little admission of doubt and the fear of failure does exist within me and probably most people but acknowledging that is likely one of the first steps into overcoming that and turning it into a strength.

I say this right now because I have been fortunate enough to be presented with an abundance of opportunity to do something cool and work with friends. I think that not only can I compile a very cool and viable body of work that will allow me to expand beyond my current scope of employment. It also allows me to test out what has become my bible 'The Four Hour Work Week'.

Things in life generally conspire and align to help you achieve what is constantly on your mind or what you desire. This can be a good or bad endeavor it depends entirely on the individual and that person's state of mind. I am a firm believer that things manifest themselves in this way and you have complete control over what arises. Right now my world seems to be aligned in a positive and healthy space. I feel blessed with my current state and am mentally committed to producing outstanding results for myself and those I work with and care for.

Song of the Day: Reflekt ft. Delline Bass - Need To Feel Loved

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