Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trail and Error

Two paths diverged in the woods, and I....I took the one commonly traveled. A choice exists in everything. Very few situations exist where an alternative action is not possible. Even a gun to the head presents a choice, a forced act or die. This is important to realize as more often than not we don't address this. We defer or delegate choice and action. We allow influence to dictate what we do, how we do it and when we 'choose' to do it. The influence surrounds us and makes independent acti0n and decisions become ever so complicated. Profit, and a lot of it, is at stake when people start to choose for themselves, its dangerous business for too many.

In looking at the choices made in life we so often being on one path and defer to another. Essentially we get what we want and either by boredom, succession, or realization it was the wrong path to being in a desired place we abandon the initial desire. The diligence in research and development is instead replaced by another R & D, rip off and duplicate.

See the way we learn has traditionally been that of trial and error, in essence doing things wrong until the right way is achieved is how most go about finding out what their passion in life is. Basically, hoping to stumble upon this utopia. I have much experience taking comfort in the possibility of the fortuitous bounce choosing one option hoping it to lead to THE option. All I have really learned is that its pure hard work. You really have to make the option. Pursuit through conventional means is too dicey. The more direct and exact route is to simply make the option. And really that is where the hard work comes in.

You are either the conduit or you are the conductor it is a simple choice really. I would like to believe that in order to make a good leader at some point you must have been a good follower. In one sense trial and error is a necessary evil because it teaches us what we do not want. This is almost as equally as important as know what it is we do want. We eliminate possibilities, but in a world where there are millions of forks in the road that lead to millions of different destinations how is one to trust trial and error. It is the same and learning. The more you learn the more you should realize how much you don't know.

So I say go forth throw caution to the wind use the heart for decisions and make them quickly and with a certainty only found in a few brave souls. Wrong choices are inevitable but make sure they help you carve the way to the next right move.

Song of the Day: Nina Simone- Black is The Colour of my True Love's Hair

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