Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Truth about Honesty: Final Revelation

With the diligent effort of a dear person close to the heart I feel this piece as the closest any has come to perfection. Here's to getting published!

The truth. It can simultaneously set the narrator free, burden the listener, and have unforeseen consequences for even the greatest writer. There are many variations of the truth of course. There is the whole truth, the half truth, and at times simply not telling a lie can constitute some sort of honesty. This perspective of course depends on who is being asked. The narrator and the listener often do tend to hear things differently. The narrator tries to express their thoughts clearly, while the listener may only hear what he or she has already assumed. There are plenty of versions of a story that claim to be the truth. One must always be very conscious of the way the truth is communicated, as it is often misinterpreted and misunderstood.

The truth is more often that not a very difficult thing to present. It is so because of the common connotation attached by our minds from our previous personal experiences in telling and hearing the truth. If telling the truth wil get you in trouble; it is easier to lie and even easier just to avoid the truth. The listener may be close in heart and revealing the truth to them can potentially cause an undesirable position of vulnerability for the narrator. The mind creates a perceived reaction even before conversation has occurred. This situation creates a self-made fear for the narrator and thus and prolongs its delivery.

The longer one continues to 'live the lie', so to speak, the more difficult it becomes to shed that sense of falsehood. Honesty is the best policy of course, and acting accordingly from the beginning often has very surprising results. The results primarily being that is place you in a positive position adding clarity to the exchange. The truth and the way it is presented is vital in creating the conversations and relationship that you desire.

I speak from the perspective of a person who is continually working to shape my conversations to be more constructive, useful and substantial. My routine way of operating is similar to that of acting first and then asking for forgiveness later. Asking for permission increases the amount of complexity and anxiety for everyone involved. It creates an unnecessary build up and creates a climax that is often undeserving of the stress and anticipation. I find the direct approach to be difficult, but become increasingly easier with practice. Oddly enough, you quickly learn that people appreciate the direct approach. There is no manipulation or evasiveness; it is refreshing break from how most people communicate. The listener is more likely to forgive as it shows a genuine effort to reach out and connect on a higher level.

People tend to think that the person ho is not being told the truth is the one being denied and made to feel foolish for not knowing the reality. In actuality, it is the person withholding the fats that is carrying the burden and freedom is the price paid. I believe that being honest is often a selfish action. yet, it is looked at by others as being utterly selfless. Take advantage of this, keeping in mind that there are always delicacies involved. Nevertheless, I would rather impose on one's feelings for a fleeting moment rather than restrict myself for any length of time.

Words must be selected carefully when extending the truth to the listener. When chosen properly, these words will offer freedom from lies and satisfaction through truth. Words are peculiar form of expression. They can be made to serve any agenda and manipulate masses. Words also have the ability to illustrate the most vivid picture. They can take a story and produce a piece of writing that is so abstract is would rival any Picasso.

Language is a fascinating form of art. It is a well knows as a system of words used for communication. Language is beautiful way to express what we feel, think, see and desire. Words can also be used to the detriment of all these aspects. Caught in the middle of this space is a little facet of the English vernacular known as the truth. The truth has many forms, definition and understandings. Seeking the truth and embodying the truth are also uniquely differing but there is no denying the presence of it when a person is acting with honesty, it is a way of operating. Embed that operation into you everyday life and let the results astound you. Correct your thinking and interactions so that the only option is to speak in a truthful manner. Telling the truth is easy. In the grand scheme of things it's just words right?

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