Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Takeover

There is something very significant occurring in the world right now and it pertains to demographics. The youth of today are taking over. Generation Y as we are termed are taking control. Like a light switch each bulb is being turned on. I can see it in my peers. You hit this point where things aren't just short term and that ambition to actually fulfill potential turns into an energy which creates a force of mentality that screams 'Fuck it no one can stop me'.

The baby boomers are done. They have made their money or have got nothing to show for going through economic cycles. The twenty fifth year of my life I know, is going to be the biggest. For some I know it took a few years more on this earth to figure it out but it happens. And its a change that is very apparent. A gradual shift, the common symptoms are generally a constant discussion of change or self improvement and a call to action. Then slowly a decrease in partying, and less focus on menial and superficial barriers. Then BANG! it happens you can see the difference in the person their attitude and their drive.

Demographically, geographically, and politically we have a very different landscape. An unlimited amount of options but to the point of being overwhelmed. The thing is you cannot fail enough. Failure is a clear indication of effort. Effort is the necessary ingredient for accomplishment. Accomplishment is the crucial building block for success. Not to mention we can lean heavily on the wise old sage's from the baby boom and profiteer from it. They simply do not have the energy we have and in 10 years we will dominate this market place. The most prevalent example of this is India. A simple study of their population and growth is a macro example of each person in their mid to late twenties anywhere in the world given adequate ingredients to succeed. These of course being the basic necessitates and computer access.

At the point when your light comes on. And you realize that the blind ambition that manifest as frustration can be channeled into work that is your passion. You will not sleep, getting laid is secondary, and your only drive will be to achieve that potential and ensure its just slightly out of your reach so that you can keep going higher. It is the belief that this potential can be realized and become reality that will wake you up in the morning and urge those around you to stop fucking around cause your energy, ideas, and goals are infections dammit! That's how I know I have turned a corner.

Like a snowball effect I am gaining momentum. There is no stopping my success and those who choose to hop on for the ride are in for a ride. I can only hope that the landing is a sandy beach chair in a pair of comfy breathable DoubleSicks'.

Song of the Day: Jay Z-Cause Ya Can't Knock the Hustle

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