Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm thinking with a real clear mind, i can see the magazine headline, its just a matter of time, the boutique hotel king, has a nice kinda ring.

I know that if i can stay healthy i can get wealthy, I'm in a retired mind state, that right already there, riches in the bank my family don't ever worry bout a driver with a full gas tank.

I can have em' all but all i need is one and when I find her sow it up cause its all done!

And even beyond these shores i know that world is mine while i make it seem like yours. this is not a conceded scripture just simply a moderate picture of what i already know is in the palm of my hand join me for the journey and on our own two feet will stand.

A thought from the shower about my rise to power.

Song of the Day: Telepopmusic - Just Breathe

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