Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poppin' The Cherry: "It's about Time!"

It's actually quite weird when I actually sit down to write this all the deep thoughts and important information I think is really relevant kinda disappears. In any case this is certainly a time of serious transition in my life so I am sure that the deep meaningful thoughts will flow through at some point. In the mean time I can certainly say that there are a few things in life that are going to take priority over what normally is important in my life.

The theme basically comes down to time. Time there is only so little of it to go around so I better spend it doing things that I love, make me happy, are fun, or preferably all of the above. With that said i think of the debauchery that was my trip to Columbia as the crescendo of madness and excess. It still continues but the reality of everyday life waters it down.

The main things I need to focus on with the theme of time in mind is the following. Write more, read more, take my health seriously, and really focus more on the people that I value. And shit I want to learn how to speak Spanish and take amazing pictures.

With that said I think its time to bring my first blog post to a close.

Song of the Day: Myon & Shane 54- Not A lot left

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