Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Quarter Past Wonderful

A little shift in focus today. Organizational Behavior or better yet leadership. It seems that we have a slight mutiny on our hands. A lot of discontent in the office as to what is happening with everyone's attitude about their jobs and how we feel in particular to our esteemed leader.

The main issues are micromanagement, work life 'fit', and divisiveness that is now apparent as a result of lack of communication and disinformation, as oddly enough it seems to be perpetuated from the top of the organization. As all this becomes clear to everyone in the boss' absence (due to communication resulting in Camaraderie in the new realization we all have similar sentiments towards our jobs); I realize how vital it is to be an efficient leader who has faith and belief in the abilities that one surrounds themselves with. "Hold everyone as capable." There are some very valuable things to learn from this. A wise friend recently told me that micromanagement is often due to incompetence or a lack of confidence in oneself and those around you. I hope that if i do exhibit any of these traits I at least have the self awareness to realize this.

All this leads to a small but important point, albeit a cliche. Life is short. Do what makes you happy. There really is no point in wasting time with the status-quo waiting for the world to change instead take the more difficult direct route and think things through put action behind reasonable logic and exact the change on the world. Being in a position of uncertainty, a feeling or fear, and even uncomfortablness is not necessarily a bad thing. Instead use it as a platform for growth and direct all your energy towards positive endevours.

Song of the Day: Oren Lavie-Her Morning Elegance

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