Friday, September 11, 2009

Delusional Daydream

In doing some leisurely reading I came across a great exercise from one of my favorite blogger's. The exercise is much more extensive than what I present however for my purposes the basic premise is creating your ideal situation in life and eliminating expectations and perceived obstacles. Things that I have written at length about before but this is actually quite cool because it give interesting insight into what everyone wants when they wake up in the morning; which would be an amazing day. It's one of those 2 times in a year days that most people have. That find the money in a pocket feeling all day. So I thought I would map out my perfect day just to see if I could make it more of a common occurrence.

The context: I currently reside in Bali, Indonesia a mecca for backpackers and high society expatriates alike. From what I understand its a blend of excesses, indulgences, and spirituality all wrapped in one nice beach towel. I will find out for sure in about 3 weeks. But it does sound like the perfect setting. Close enough to all the action yet the secluded spots are still right there. It is this setting that provides the atmosphere for my perfect day mapped out as intricately as my mind can imagine.

7:00 AM Presuming the previous evening ended relatively tamely I wake up to a rising amber sun grab my surf board and head to the beach for some tranquility and adrenaline served in a lovely cocktail that can only be achieved in the barrel of a wave. This form of meditation suits me perfectly.

8:30 AM I head back to my place which is located adjacent to the hostel that I co-own with one of my best friends. We sit at breakfast with some of our guests and talk about the day ahead last nights events and go over the business. New reservations, current and future occupancy, look at some other acquisitions we are planning, and meet with the team to see how things are going get feedback and see how we can continue to be the best hostel experience that side of the world. We wrap up by talking about upcoming events and excursions for the guests and with that last sip of passion juice we call it. Time to go back to work.

10:00 AM We head out to the Gili Islands catching a ferry that we arranged for our backpackers day excursion. Although we have made this trip several times before with our guests and just for fun this one has a slightly different goal. We have recently been told that one of the many backpacker accommodations is for sale and the owner is also intent on selling his beach front bar as well. Realizing the potential of the place we agree to pursue further talks after a period of due diligence. Not only is this going to be a profitable compliment to our existing business and help build our band but its the right price and just up our alley. We talk briefly about a plan of attack and agree that getting more familiar with the other business owners is key.

12:30 PM After a quick bite to eat from a local food stand we head over to meet our staff and guests as today they are taking snorkeling lessons with a good friend who a master diver that we partnered with as part of what we offer to guests. I relax on the glass bottom boat as Latif eagerly plots our next moves for the Gili Island take over. Already the theme nights are spewing from his thoughts and I urge him to relax as the temperature nears 30 degrees.

4:00 PM Back in Bali I walk into the hostel to check on preparations for the evening as tonight is the legendary ladies night at our bar. Things seem to be shaping up with their usual fervor. And the bar seats are already filled with new arrivals.

4:30 PM I head over to my place a shower and some administrative details need to be handled. It seems that with profitability the appropriate planning is necessary. Our accountant needs to be sent a few documents and our broker needs to put an offer in on the next property. But what I really relish is the opportunity to sit down and add a new entry to my website. I have had a topic brewing for quite some time and its finally time to give my readers an update about what they can expect in the coming weeks. My first online product is finally about to come out and there are only a few touches left to go from my graphic designer and editor before its released to the public. I have completed several free packages and they have been met with an excellent response leading to what is now a solid readership base. Lastly, I have to book my ticket to Nairobi next week. It's my dad's birthday next week and he is in for a surprise the whole family is going to be there, grand kids too!

7:00PM Finally a bit of time to relax on the deck with a book and catch up on the pages that I have been neglecting. An escape even from paradise is necessary. The book is by a good friend and mentor that is currently flying off the bookshelves, and I can see why. The perfect blend of information and entertainment.

8:15 PM Ready to go! The airport is a bit of a trek, especially with Indonesian traffic, and one I rarely make but this time it is for VIP I have my cousins and 2 friends flying in and they are kicking off a one month trip in the region. The 4 nights that will follow are sure to be a page from the adventures before. Perceived maturity on lasts until the plane lands and then indulgences are pursued with reckless abandon.

10:00 PM We are catching up, laughing and finishing up dinner as the drinks go down smoothly. I tell them about a great spot we need to hit later that evening but dropping off the bags and showering is a must after their journey in. I drop them off at the Villa and head to the hostel the meeting is our bar no later than midnight.

11:30 PM People start to flow in and family and friends are enjoying the tropical blend of beverage specials. The new bartender seems to be working out well and the work for accommodation arrangement is hopefully more permanent than that the few weeks initially intended. The numbers continually improve and sure enough as 1 AM arrives the place is packed. I make sure loose ends are tied as these nights can seem too much. The crowd of locals tourists and expats overflow onto the beach as the visiting DJ keeps feet moving before. Heading out into the moonlight with the crew there are new adventures to be had and a night full of stories waiting to be made. But the nagging thought of 'Can I get a surf in tomorrow?' nags at me. There are worse things to be worried about I console myself because days like this are only 7 times a week.

Song of the Day: Adele-Hometown Glory (High Contrast remix)

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