Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Truth About Honesty

Words are a funny thing. They have the ability to illustrate the most vivid of pictures or take a story and produce a piece so abstract it would rival any Picasso. They can be made to serve any agenda and manipulate the masses. Language is a beautiful way to express things that we feel, think, see and desire. Words can also be used to the detriment of all these aspects. Caught in the middle of this space is a little aspect of the English vernacular known as the truth. It can simultaneously set the narrator free, burden the listener, and have consequences unforeseen by even the greatest fiction writer. There are many variations of the truth, whole truths, half truths, white lies, and even not telling a lie can constitute honesty. This of course depends on who is asked. Versions of the truth are a plenty and one must be very conscious of the way the truth is communicated, as it is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. But enough about the vagueness of honesty it is time to analyze what the truth can do and what it means through the eyes of yours truly.

The truth is more often that not a very difficult thing to present. The truth is susceptible to degrees in terms of the ease in which it is to relay to people. Some subjects are close to the heart and revealing the truth is perceived to be a position of vulnerability. A position that is uncomfortable and thus usually undesirable. A misconception though it may be but reality is defined by perception.

Time is also a factor the longer one continues to 'live the lie' so to speak the more difficult it becomes to shed that falsehood. Honesty is the best policy and acting accordingly from the beginning often has very surprising results. The results primarily being that it places you in the position you want to be in while adding a clarity to the exchange.

I speak from the perspective of someone who is continually working to make my conversations more constructive more useful and substantial. The direct approach is a thing I find to be difficult but becoming increasingly easier with practice. I hold this practice and way of operating similar to that of acting first and then asking for forgiveness later. I believe that being honest is often the most selfish thing one can do and yet it is looked at as being rather selfless. Take advantage of this. Of course there are delicacies involved but on the whole I would rather impose on one's feelings for a fleeting moment rather than restrict myself.

The fact is as much as people like to think that he person not being told the truth is the one who is being denied and made to feel foolish for not knowing it is the person withholding the facts that is carrying the burden, and freedom is the price paid.

The true ending of a good or difficult conversation is leaving with the thought there is nothing left for me to say and actually meaning it.

I suppose after all telling the truth is easy. It's just words right?

A dedication to a woman with the same initials. Thank you for helping me find the truth.

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