Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Hint of Randomness

A few little tidbits that I am picking up here and there lately, my own version pearls of wisdom, so I thought why not share.

Pearl 1: Be yourself. It seems that people in general really respond and place a value on independence and self confidence. I think at least in my perspective this is due in large part because people struggle with being and expressing themselves as they are, making it that much more unique if you are able to do so. Besides conformity sucks. Avoid trying to look good it usually leads to being a douche.

Pearl 2: Feedback. The four stages of effective feedback. The facts, the story made up, the feeling behind the story, and your intention behind giving the feedback. Simply separate the facts from what you believe actually happened. Then share exactly how it impacts you and in what way. Lastly what you hope to convey and gain by giving this feedback. And always remember to end it with a Thank You!

Pearl 3: Its always the case that with family or business comes complexity. This is often compounded further when the two mix. I don't have any real solutions to mixing the two (I challenge anyone who claims they do) but what I do know is that while more often than not intentions are good, it usually leads to a cluster fuck of emotions. I say compartmentalize. It's probably a cold approach but typically logic prevails over emotions which are susceptible to irrationality. Clearly define expectation of all involved and manage those expectations. Disappointment is the result of having any expectation at all.

Pearl 4: Leadership is when one can compel a group to work in a coordinated manner to successfully achieve an objective (the leaders vision). Dictatorship is when one divides to conquer in order to achieve a fragmented and un-fulfilling end.

Pearl 5: There is huge difference between paper wealth and real wealth. Paper wealth can dissappear real quick. Cash in while the gettin' is good and invest in the latter.

Now for a divine 5 minutes that is the Song of the Day Evol Intent-Middle of the Night

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