Sunday, February 8, 2009


So it looks like I am getting a little stir crazy and need to hit up something far from Calgary. The two plans of heaviness...
Coachy is going to be one of the highlights of a young 2009. The main essential ingredients: family will be in full effect, and the venue is on point. Mix with some amazing live music and the formula can't be beat. NYC is this in as far as commitment. Yerra's birthday and such should be legit and come on NYC is on par with the 'fucking Catalina Wine-mixer".

Got the potential for a big week work wise, interested on who will be picked as Paula's replacement and business development talks.

In a creative space more so than usual so I really need to get my ass on with that photography commitment need to cash in on that. And another aspect steadily improving my cooking is on point!

Post Script: Some empirical research that all this extra stuff is just really is not necessary.

Song of the Day: Daniel Wesley- Ooh Ooh

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