Sunday, February 22, 2009

"God Bless Brown Boys"

Ah the eventuality of my love/lust/infatuation post. Brought on no doubt by a series of sensual, intense, animalistic, sexual encounters with equally stimulating intellectual, humorous, and carefree conversation. The catch; it has all been with the same woman! Yes monogamy does appear to have its benefits when the right ingredients are combined. How long I am fortunate enough to enjoy this period of bliss who knows, but really if you look to far ahead you miss all the good stuff that is the present.

The subject of this post however is not so much about the woman that brought about this emotion in me but rather about what I learn and then re-learn each time I am blessed to have this type of person come into my life. In no way shape or form are the experiences, the circumstances, or the people ever similar. But it always seems bring a new realization about what I want in a woman and in my life. A particular example would be the realization that this is the first person of the opposite sex who I am romantically involved with that I think I can travel with. This is something that until now has been lost on me. The implications of such a simple revelation are huge to me for reasons I could spend two pages explaining.

The funny thing about a crush, a new love, an infatuation, whatever it may be labeled to anybody is that it is one of the most refreshing learning experiences you as a person can go through. You learn so much about yourself through all the various stages of the relationship and even more, you learn what is really important to you about the person you want in your life. What they personify, what they bring out in you and all of it is valuable; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Each time you are lucky enough to be in any relationships, you build on what you already know and it seems the limits become endless and really that is what keeps things refreshing interesting and together. I think this was most evident in the current situation when she said "I think that unless I truly know and understand myself and what makes me happy, how can I make someone else happy." It may be the level of maturity or just simply an insight I had not considered before, but this one statement sealed the deal and I was pretty much smitten from there.

Furthermore, I was the one who ended my last relationship and often times found myself thinking, maybe that was the wrong decision, maybe that was the one. Know I know I am young and being a bachelor fits me that question is one that persists in the back of one's mind. But as much as I can rationalize my decision it is simply human nature to second guess decisions. I think this is applicable for more than just myself, a lot of people probably think about this. But at the point where you meet that person and it clicks and you can see how the previous experience just set you to a point where and in a way you are thankful for having what was a tough/stupid/logical decision.

Live. Learn. Love.

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