Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The 5 Year Plan

"Remember who you are; revisit what and who are most important to you; and always give those who are cheering for you the chance to share with you in your successes. Ask for help when you need it, offer help whenever you can, and be the leader for others that you would have someone be for you. Give thanks sincerely, whenever it is due." R.M.

So its time to get pen to pad and outline exactly how I envision the next phase of my life. The purpose is to give a guideline with enough structure and quantitative substance to monitor progress while not having so much rigidity as to limit growth, flexibility, and change. First however I must know where I am in order to get to where I want to go.

Currently, I am in a learning curve and in a mode of patience and relative passiveness. I earn a a pretty sub par salary, I have a pretty decent size chunk of student loan debt, I am more focused on consumption versus savings, I am absorbing a ton of input from various sources and am more and more encouraged to learn, read and even volunteer. Now how to get from point A to where I want to B.

In 5 years I aim to have have an after tax cash flow of $250,000. A large portion of this passively created with little or no involvement on my behalf. I would like to own my first boutique hotel. I would like to have no personal debts and prude leveraging on the business side. My savings would be at least proportional to my consumption. I will no longer reside permanently in one location but have the flexibility to choose where I operate from.

That in summation is a pretty nice trajectory in more than just my opinion. How do I get there? Step 1-There are going to be a lot of little steps.
Step 2-Start Saving
Step 3-Take good risks
Step 4- Metrics to track and measure progress
Step 5-Hard work and opportunity combined with luck!

And always have a Plan B....Plan B: Get lucky enough to get a job that lets me travel the world.

Song of the Day: Phoenix-1901

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