Monday, March 16, 2009

Simple Things

In the grandeur of dreams and the rush of reality one thing that I struggle to sometimes embrace and appreciate. The following is a brief list I need to consciously acknowledge and do more of.

Read. As in my initial post this is a stated goal and I am enjoying it more and more. The current must read list is as follows.
  • "The Four Hour Work Week" Tim Ferriss
  • "Get Smarter" Seymour Schulich
  • "Influence" - The Psychology of Persuasion" Robert Cialdini
  • "The Game- Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artists" Niel Strauss
  • "Power of Now" Eckhart Toll
Meditate. This is something that I rarely do but really would love to not only do more but do it effectively. I think that this would really allow me to get more out of myself in all aspects.

Cooking. Perhaps my greatest stress valve and I am getting pretty damn good at it. I love spontaneity. From the ingredients to the finished product. It seems that this medium allows me do more than shine on date nights.

It is the simplicity in life, simplicity in ideas, simplicity in relationships, and simplicity in mental state that is sublime. What keeps your universe simple?

Song of the Day: Zero 7- Red Dust

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