Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friends Forgotten

It is to my constant amazement when I look at the people with whom I have crossed paths with at some point in my life, who I do not see on a regular basis and the accomplishments they have designed for their lives. It puts into perspective the amazing heights we are all going to achieve in all different directions. For instance since I have really begun to dig photography and try to make it more a part of what I do, I have noticed so many old friends and peers that are now at a stage where its so much a passion its going to be what they do in life. It's almost like I didn't connect the dots while they were doing the high should yearbook or working in the photo lab that this was actually a possibility.

This post emanates in part because of my inclination to do more worthwhile networking and reaching outside of my comfort zone following the often given advice that talking to people who have done what you aim to achieve is the shortest route to get where you aim to be. And so it follows that the intention put out there conspires to reveal itself, meet amazing people, reconnect to those who have long since slipped out of mind, and lastly make the effort to connect the dots that are closer than you may think. Even those who may seem close could use a reminder of how much value they add to your life whether down the block or across a couple continents.

Simplicity and sincerity to all.

Song of the Day: Dusty Springfield- Spooky

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  1. very well said J. My philosophy and sentiments exactly.