Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Family Business

I have had a ton of ideas and topics that I have been meaning to post about the last couple of days. Everything from goals and growth to networking and even the ideal woman. Interestingly they are all linked. The best way to start would be with my trip this weekend to Vancouver for my cousin's wedding (probably where the ideal woman comes in). The most interesting part about my family right now is the incredible amount personal growth that is happening and how it is positively impacting the whole family dynamic. From my perspective we are all so much more self aware and consciously act accordingly. It is such a pleasant thing to experience the openness of communication and lack of political and emotional baggage that sometimes surfaces. So with that being the background context I think I can move to how the environment was a fertile ground for me to do some of my own growth both personally and in a business perspective.

The main thing that I learned was that there is actually little use in having material wealth if it is not well balanced with other aspects that make that material wealth actually useful. Not to say that I did not already know this but the point was driven home. I did discover that it is actually the most gratifying point in life is when you are a ‘complete’ human and always trying to better oneself. This is not intended to be a mushy statement but actually in the way I mean it, it is rather selfish. If you work on bringing aspects that add value into your life you are really just aiding your own well being. For example having children and participating in their lives, being well educated and continuing to discover for the simple joy of learning and how that spills over into other aspects of life. Including people you want in your life by being open and very honest about your thoughts. Not just being a good communicator but actually putting a hidden agenda aside and getting real results, progress, and tangibility in those relationships that matter most. First hand experience would be this weekend with my cousin Nadeem with whom I have had a pleasant and cordial relationship with but of little substance and understanding. That changed considerably this weekend in a positive way. I am very excited and a little overwhelmed at the amount of work I have to do to get to the point I want, but it is an opportunity and challenge I look forward to taking on.

In the business arena I learnt an age old lesson; surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. I learn more and more and even though I don’t realize it my learning curve is expanding at a pretty good pace. At a meeting I had with a potential business partner and with the help of some influential people in my life who I really trust it was brought to my attention that in order to build what I want, I need quality people who bring instant recognition and a skill set superior to that of mine. If my sisters are still working for someone else it is definitely a sign that those who should be millionaires on their own often end up working for a six figure salary, so why not utilize it. And it actually gives me even more confidence that I can make my vision happen faster (more to come on this...the vision that is)

Song of the day: Damn Arms - Destination Pt. II

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