Sunday, March 22, 2009

An Imperative 15 Minutes

This weeks post comes from my first contributing writer; My sister. When I reached out to the ones that I care about and whose opinion I value my sister offered some advice and a mental approach she had used to make decisions. Real decisions, those that should be taken seriously enough to be made with more heart than head, more personality than practicality. So to those few who follow I offer the following....
"I think you should do whatever your heart is telling you to do. That's going to be the right decision. I know you've got options and you're trying to sensibly analyze them, but I really truly believe there is no bad choice here and so you should just go with your heart. You will get into analysis paralysis and will talk yourself out of all moves and it's not going to make your live any happier or more fulfilled. Whatever your heart tells you to do that's what you should do.

This weekend pick a time and dedicate 15minutes to give your heart a chance to speak. Get into a room by yourself with total quite and then just instruct yourself to imagine the best possible scenario for you with no prior conditions or assumptions - your heart will make it up for you and you have to insist on details write it all down if you can the clothes your wearing, the smells, the colors, the company, the environment. Maybe you imagine yourself at the beach drinking pina coladas, wearing sandals and smelling suntan lotion with a couple of hot chicks now what brand are the sandals? what color is the ocean? Once you feel complete read what you've written and fill in more detail - no judgment yet. When you're done with the writing then you can examine and apply analysis. If your sandals are kenneth cole or oscar dela renta then that will determine if money is important, if the ocean is turquoise and warm it will help with what location you're in (pacific or Indian ocean). When you've got most of those items figured out making a decision on your next move becomes easy. If money is important I would say don't go volunteer with AKF or even go to kenya. you should go to vancouver and make some dough. Then you can get yourself to a beach and wear the cool sandals. if dad is in the people that you're with or if the ocean is warm and the sandals are bata then you should go to kenya and enjoy that experience. Now if dad is in your picture and your wearing expensive sun glasses then you need to make money and then go to kenya .

keep in mind you are the only one who can imagine your future and then live it. Don't live by other's standards, priorities or beliefs. once you idenitfy yours then go get advice for those specific things - for money Alnoor Uncle, Iqbal uncle and other coaches, for volunteering i can put you in touch with a ton of philantropists and even the AKF, for family mum, dad, nazmin and I are at hand, for women and commitment to one you can talk to derek and vic. We tend to get advice and then blindly follow it and then wonder why things are at where they are at. I was totally there with the spa. i made money a priority because that's all I was hearing from Alnoor Uncle, nazmin, derek, work, etc. Not that they were giving me advice, but that's what they prioritized so i did too and then all my actions were following that priority. i woke up and realized that I've never prioritized money and it's always been about the feeling of well being inside of me and when i conciously made that a priority it was clear to me that I needed to give the spa to mum coz that just fealt right and still feels right and that's where I want to be.

Hope I've helped."

Nashina Asaria

Song of the Day: Moby-Porcelain

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